Our mission is to take responsible decisions to benefit our community, customers, and the environment around us.

We are leading the way on sustainability at Cyfarthfa Shopping Park and in the surrounding environment and seek to provide tenants and visitors with information on ESG-related issues plus opportunities for action to create positive change.

Biodiversity at Cyfarthfa Shopping Park


10 bird boxes have been installed throughout the site, targeting native British species like robin and sparrow.

A green roof has been installed on B&Q, helping to bring nature into the retail park.

Invasive species like Japanese Knotweed have been removed from the park, allowing native species to flourish.

Energy / Carbon

100% of our electricity in public spaces comes from renewable sources like wind and solar.

B&Q at the park has a Transpired Solar Collector system, which harvests the sun’s heat to warm the store, and solar thermal panels, which provide heat for hot water.

Energy-efficient LED lighting has been installed across the carpark, reducing both energy and carbon.

Energy & Carbon at Cyfarthfa Shopping Park
Building Asset Name Client/Developer Scheme Rating/Score
Cyfarthfa Retail Park Thorn Site Hammerson Plc Retail 2011 Pass 45.3%
Cyfarthfa Retail Park Units 12 - 17 Hammerson Plc Retail 2011 Very Good 55.52%
Marks & Spencers Unit 17 Hammerson Plc Retail 2011 Very Good 55%
Unit 1 B&Q, Unit 2 and Unit 3 Hammerson Plc Retail 2011 Good 45.4%